how do you drink your Limburg water


how do you drink your Limburg water

everyone drinks water differently

It's a nice insight: everyone drinks water differently. One person drinks it while exercising, another while studying, yet another to wash a hangover away. In other words, sport-water, study-water or hangover-water. But what does water mean to you? So we developed a campaign for WML, the Limburg water company, asking: how do you drink your Limburg water?


an interactive waterfall of words

To launch the campaign in style, we created a unique waterfall in the centre of Maastricht's Vrijthof Square. Everyone could give the water a name, watch it falling and then taste their personalised water. WML also distributed water for free at the Pinkpop music festival. And thanks to a live TV broadcast on local television and attention in the national media, the campaign reached the whole of Limburg and beyond.

kick off and keep going

Following on from the spectacular launch, we arranged a tour of various sports events, student fairs and festivals in Limburg, so that Limburg water was the name on everyone's lips. The internal activation saw WML employees taking centre stage, as they featured in a series of ads for their favourite water. In short, the same question was asked everywhere: how do you drink your Limburg water?