a moving poem


a moving poem
blue sky
Oude locatie

when you can't all squeeze round the table...

We noticed it when queuing at the coffee machine. It was also clear from the overflowing bike rack by the door. But above all, it was clear in the kitchen, which was suddenly too small for communal lunches. Time to move.

a new space in an old factory

We didn't have to think for long. The old Pastoe Fabriek on the edge of Utrecht city centre offered loads of space and inspiration. It became our new home. Then it was just a question of printing some change-of-address cards.

Nieuwe locatie

as long as it isn't a change-of-address card

Being true ideas, though, we wanted to shake it up a bit. So we came up with the Truebadour to communicate our new address in a personal yet effective way.

the door's always open

Interested in visiting us at our new location?
Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee or contact Robert-Jan for an appointment.
+31(0)6 4518 0055