digitally fit


digitally fit

how on earth do I upload these photos?

Older people in the Netherlands were familiar with SeniorWeb mainly as a 'computer assistance service' – but it's so much more than that. In order to spread the word to the elderly in the Netherlands, true ideas went in search of the 'why' and repositioned SeniorWeb in a fantastic new campaign.

Hoe digitaal fit wilt u worden?

enriching people's lives with computer skills...

To keep active as you age, you need to stay physically and mentally fit. We added 'Digitally Fit' to the list: the new SeniorWeb domain. After all, having some computer skills makes for an easier, more enjoyable life – and that was precisely what we wanted to show in the campaign.

...but avoiding a patronising tone

Older people are just like anyone else. We therefore wanted to treat them normally in our communications, with humour and perspective, and without that dreadful tone of voice reserved for 'old people.' With the repositioning, we developed a series of ads that would really appeal to older people – simply by making their hobbies easier or more enjoyable.