unique stories


unique stories

all banks are the same, aren't they?

That's something you often hear. But Rabobank's local involvement in the Netherlands is unique. The bank takes part in hundreds of initiatives to strengthen society, and most of the stories behind this are simply fantastic.


a whole story in a few words

We realised that if people knew more about everything Rabobank was doing, they'd view the bank differently. So we decided to highlight the 80 most appealing stories in local neighbourhoods, using more than 7,000 pedestrian panels and bus stop ads. We captured the essence of each story in focused, concise sentences. And we invited people to visit the interactive platform at rabobank.nl, which brought the stories to life.


many small stories make up one big bank

All the stories came together to reveal Rabobank's positive impact on Dutch society. This was the first time that Rabobank had run such a powerful national campaign with a local focus.

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