everything for dutch entrepreneurs


everything for dutch entrepreneurs

hostnet is just a web-hosting company, right?

And that, in a nutshell, was Hostnet's problem. Hostnet has a lot more to offer than hosting websites: its smart IT solutions make life much easier for entrepreneurs. Few people knew this, though, so it was time for a campaign.

meet Hugo, the 28-year-old R&D employee

We came up with an appealing figurehead. Not only to create affinity and recognisability, but also to simplify complex IT issues by presenting them with humour and in context.


have I got something for you!

To inspire entrepreneurs, we presented all the messages in the form of tips. Hugo shared them with Dutch entrepreneurs via radio, online and commercials in his own unique way.

Tip #23

hugo scores!

The campaign took off immediately. Not only did Hostnet's sales figures rise, but there was also a steep increase in traffic, brand awareness and likeability.