our ad space for your support


our ad space for your support
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how to catch the eye of the fans?

As the main sponsor of Feyenoord football club, you've got a huge fan-base at your disposal. This brings great opportunities, of course, but how do you catch the fans' attention? To win their hearts, you need to come up with something special.

support feyenoord on our pitch-side ad boards

Real fans want to spread their love for a club as far as possible. So along with the ASR insurance company, we decided to give supporters a free rein on the ad boards lining the pitch. Fans could send their support slogans to, and the best 32 slogans were displayed during home games. A winning formula for any fan!

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bam! 50,000 participants in one month

It quickly became clear that the new idea had caught on. The campaign generated massive traffic to and was widely discussed in the media. But the most important gauge of success was the fan-base itself – and the fans voted ASR their favourite Feyenoord sponsor. In short: a top score!